Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

September 13, 2019

Facebook Reviews

New Feature

You can now see Facebook reviews within AgencyAnalytics!

Just go to your Facebook social dashboard (via Social > Facebook in the left side menu), and click "Reviews" at the top of the screen:


As well as giving your team and clients access to these reviews on our dashboards, you can also add them to any report.

August 15, 2019

Stay In Touch With Clients Via Our New Messaging Integrations!

New Feature

If your agency uses a messaging platform for client communications, clients can now contact you instantly when they're logged into their AgencyAnalytics dashboards.


This new feature is available to all customers on our latest Agency and Enterprise pricing tiers.

Read more in today's blog post, and reach out to us at if you have any comments or questions!

August 08, 2019

Create Multiple Custom Dashboards For Any Campaign

New Feature

This is a big one! Customers on our current Enterprise plan can now make as many custom dashboards as they need, in all campaigns.

To add or switch between custom dashboards, simply click the dropdown button at the top left:


Read more in our latest blog post here.

May 30, 2019

Share Any Dashboard Or Report Instantly - No Login Required!

New Feature

You can now instantly generate a shareable link to any dashboard or report, without the recipient needing to log in to view the data!

Simply click the "Export" button at the top right, then choose "Get Link".

Get Shareable Link - Dashboard.png

Read more in today's blog post, and reach out to us at if you have any comments or questions!

May 17, 2019

Better Onboarding, & Hiding Unused Integrations

New Feature

We've improved our onboarding process for brand new subscribers! Existing customers can also now navigate their integrations more easily by hiding anything they're not using.

Onboarding Update

Anyone who signs up for a new AgencyAnalytics account will now be greeted by a step-by-step guide, to ensure they're up and running quickly. Existing users will notice a clearer layout when setting up their dashboards.


Hide Unused Integrations

 Admin and staff users can now choose to toggle their left-side menu to show all available integrations, or just the ones you've connected.

Simply click the "Compress Menu" button at the bottom of the left-side menu to hide all unused integrations:

Compress menu.png

To show those hidden integrations, just click the same button again.

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April 17, 2019

Set Different Date Ranges For Each Widget!

New Feature

Users can now set different date ranges for each individual widget. You'll see a new "Custom Date" option, with a range of different choices.

To set different widget date ranges in custom dashboards and reports, simply go to the widget's settings.


Read more in today's blog!

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April 05, 2019

"All Time" Date Range Update

New Feature

We've just rolled out an update to make things clearer when using our "All Time" date range option. You'll now see the exact date in our date range selector, rather than the words "All Time".  


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April 04, 2019

Staff & Client User Updates

New Feature

We've updated our user management interface, and now users also have the ability to clone user permissions!

With our new wizard-style interface, you'll now use the same button to create both staff and client users, and you'll be prompted to choose the type of user at the beginning of the wizard.


Next, you can specify exactly which campaigns the user can access. There's also a search box, to make finding campaigns quick and easy.


Read more in today's blog!

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March 11, 2019

SERP Tracker Updates

New Feature

We've just added zip code based rank tracking, the ability to tag keywords when adding them, new keyword research options, and more.


Head on over to our Blog to read more.

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March 05, 2019

Integration Updates

New Feature

Three of our integration partners are making changes which resulted in changes to the AgencyAnalytics platform.

First, Google has shut down the Google Plus platform. It no longer exists. As a result, we've removed the Google+ integration from our system.

Second, Google Search Console has removed crawl errors data from their platform. In turn, we've removed the crawl errors section from that integration.

The good news is that we've be adding "countries" and "devices" data to our GSC integration to take the place of crawl errors.

Finally, LinkedIn has updated their API from V1 to V2

So in turn, we've updated our system to work with the V2 API.

This change is fairly transparent to customers, other than the fact that everyone using LinkedIn in our platform will need to re-enter their credentials for one campaign to refresh the connection.

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