Product roadmap

Here are some of the features and improvements we’re currently working on.


Create Multiple Custom Dashboards For Any Campaign

New Feature

This is a big one! Customers on our current Enterprise plan can now make as many custom dashboards as they need, in all campaigns.

To add or switch between custom dashboards, simply click the dropdown button at the top left:


Read more in our latest blog post here.

Yext & BirdEye - Report on Listings

New Feature

You can now monitor and report on your Yext and BirdEye listings! 

Read more about these brand new features in our blog post here.


Vimeo Integration

New Feature

Google Lighthouse

New Feature

Refresh of Google Ads Metrics


We're adding a huge range of new conversion, performance, and viewability metrics, plus extra support for shopping, keywords, and more!

Google report that shows ads + cost + revenue to analyze the best performing ads.

Ranking Upgrade

New Feature

A major update and overhaul of our SERP tracking module. New features, new metrics, and a UI change to make it even more intuitive.